Here’s my bike. The upright bike in the PT gym is waiting for a computer chip… for months now. So I ride the reclining bike. There’s a treadmill and a stairmaster. So far I enjoy the boredom of the bike. I have no idea of the parameters. So I set it up to feel like a road bike by resistance. Then I ride like Hell for about 30 minutes. It’s a men’s gym/PT. No women, except the female receptionist, cleaning lady, PT tech, and female family members and kids who accompany the male patients. It’s ok. They come and go. They are in the locker room and in the shower area. The staff lounge male/female is right there in the shower area. All this is very confusing. I am told to wear a shirt for fear of offending the ladies. But why are they there? The female gym is on the second floor and no men, none, are allowed! It’s another conflict of rules made all the more confusing because there’s no answer. At this point I don’t care much who’s in the shower area with me. I will not be showering with my clothes on and they all know it. I am waiting to see who blinks first. … their house, their rules.