Up, Up in a Hot Air Balloon

I discuss hot balloons in my other post. (see Blog Roll: PhotoBackStory)

The gallery that follows fairly summarizes the event. I have taken pictures of hot air balloons from several events. This is one trip. We were at a country fair with friends whom we have known for many years. The eight of us made our own individual decisions and some serious injury waivers were necessary. Five of the brave went up. It’s not that I’m not brave…but someone needed to drive the chase car. Briefly, up is easy and landing is a bit tricky. Steering is not reliable. The landing zone is influenced by wind, speed, and altitude. You will see that there was a very picturesque barn in a field of tall grass, rats, and horseshit. Hence, there is care to keep the balloon off the ground. There is the a last shot of the evening glow with the balloon tethered in the sunset, to encourage the next group of would be adventurers to sign up for tomorrow.

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