Halloween Body Art

In what seems a tradition, artist Andy Golub, sets up in the preparation area at the Village Halloween parade. His group includes photographers, art assistants, and his models. Some years there are men. but mostly the models are young women. Body painting as an art form takes imagination, skill, and time. Judging from the photographers and spectators this form of street art performance was a huge success as always. I ask, where else do you find a body painted model in the middle of 6th Avenue in Manhattan and hardly anyone takes notice? Please be warned that some of the material is mature.

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Halloween Wedding Bells

Soho, New York. Lately, I have been the unintentional witness to several weddings. My recent posts at Bear Mountain and Smorgasburg attest to the fact that it is a busy season to get married. This is certainly an unusual venue. It is a small triangle park below Spring St and along 6th Av in Manhattan. And, it’s Halloween where a large crowd is quickly filling the available space in preparation for the parade. The lucky couple led the parade in a horse drawn carriage. I would guess that there were about a million well wishers and it even had television coverage. I missed the televised portion because I was still in the staging area photographing the evening’s participants. Congratulations.

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