Dunkin Donuts


After spending enough time in Jeddah and with little other choice, you break down – mentally. Maybe it’s the heat? I wandered in one evening. It’s 75 cents a donut.

They wear masks, use tongs, and wear gloves. Why? The masks are below their nose. Who or what exactly are they protecting? Tongs, I get it. But then gloves, what gives? Can I tell you how many times I have watched the gloved counterman take money, make change, and go back to making sandwiches without changing gloves. Go on, really!

What I can say in defense of Dunkin’ is that the donuts taste the same. There is a Doughnut Place across the street with an entirely different taste. Their doughnuts are heavy heavy cakelike affairs that sink to the bottom of your stomach suitable to be used as diving weights. So on the rare (pretty rare so far) occasion when I want a donut, here’s the place.