2011 Yale Snow Bowl

Columbia vs Yale, Wein Field, NYC, October 29, 2011. Better dubbed as the Yale Snow Bowl. The weatherman frequently is wrong, but not on this day. It’s should’ve been a warm pleasant autumn day in NYC. The rain started in the morning and by game time there were white out conditions. I was wet and cold in places I didn’t know I could be wet. And, I had my ski gear on. Sitting with an umbrella, not moving, trying to stay warm, I did manage to keep my central body core, nice and toasty. My hands were wet and frozen from handling the camera. Snow and wetness did not affect my Nikon. The front lens filter was wet and required some attention. The conditions were atrocious. Which, of course, is why a couple of grown men who should know better…. As Alex says, “This story will grow in legend, stature, and embellishment.”

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