Va Bene

IMG_5895It’s Italian, of course. Pasta you pick, then you pick the sauce. They have pizza, more on that later. I feel like Rachel Ray and the Food Channel. It’s pretty inexpensive and actually tastes pretty good. I got the carbonara sauce. There are also baked pasta dishes. I couldn’t get lasagna one evening and they steered me to the baked pasta which was a good find.IMG_5898



IMG_5886Well, I’m not Japanese. And I’m not a fan of Sushi. There are few Chinese options. So Teriyaki beef makes the grade. It’s salty (very) sweet, crisp and hot. I did in fact have the tempura shrimp. The shrimp are really fresh and good. But the batter, though perfectly crisp,  is too oily to be able to finish the whole dish. This has been my go to meal until I couldn’t bear to go to the mall any longer. Soda is included and the guys know me on sight and always smile.IMG_5889

Ice Cream Bars


IMG_5881There are only so many places where you can waste calories. If my kids were still little, we would have gone through every flavor by now. Since they are grown and not accompanying me, it seems that the desire is muted. There are lots of flavors and it’s sort of tempting. Snicker’s ice cream bar? I’d just as soon not mix my food like that.IMG_5885

Juice Bar

IMG_5870My first try at custom blending, I asked for lemon, pineapple, and banana. At least the color was ok. The taste was a little too tart. There are no signs. But I found that I was sitting in the family, ladies section. Ahhh, the rules, you never know when you’re breaking one. So I just look like I don’t know what I’m doing and everything works out.


Hot Pot

IMG_5863My main problem was translation. The guys here did not speak English. I wanted lamb. I ended up pointing at a dish that left the counter and they made that for me. It was so hot (temperature) that it didn’t matter what the meat was. But I think it was chicken. The metal bowl is heated hot and holds the temperature. The flat bread is seeded and layered. It’s way large and probably meant to be shared.


IMG_5841I’ve been overly preoccupied with eating of late. It is perhaps because for about seven months I did not cook a meal and have depended upon the hospital cafeteria, local fast food, and a few restaurants. The cost of living is low enough to have sustained my laziness. My waistline did not suffer because of my exercise program and diving. You get cravings. On this night, it was for a good meatball. The meat here is lean. And I have come to understand that a good steak is based on the marbling of the meat to make it flavorful and tender. So the meatball hero was not memorable nor repeated. The Italian bread is not. The olive oil is real. They do have lots of olives somewhere ‘round here. Or at least they cook with it plenty. No alcohol, go with lemonade.IMG_5838


IMG_5827Here’s a mall that I suppose I will have to find the name. It’s up the block from where I live and has been accessible because of construction work, which allows me to cross the road without risk to life (mine). They have all the fancy brands. IMG_5824 IMG_5825Too bad I’m into photography and not clothing and shoes. In fact it’s not bad walking around with relative anonymity. I don’t have to dress to impress and I’m not planning to meet anyone I care to know. So I can wear the same thing day in and day out with a care. Same shoes, same pants, and change your shirt every once in a while for the fun of it. I admit that some fast food guys recognize me now. IMG_5829 IMG_5828 IMG_5836 IMG_5837Anyway, the food court complete with fountains has become one of my go to places for an evening meal. That is until recently when as all good things become boring, I was unable to make myself go there any more. But at the beginning it was and remained a nightly destination. There’s some variety so it’s not entirely boring.


IMG_5816It’s a family hall. I presume it’s for weddings and such. I pass it all the time. It’s on a junk street. There’s trash and construction debris everywhere. There’s nowhere to park. The place itself is nothing to look at from the outside and mostly shuttered. Once or twice a month I have seen it open and a function is going on. There is a fountain. And there are people dressed for a celebration. Mostly it’s closed so I wonder how they stay in business. And the location is certainly not picturesque.

Do You Believe This?

IMG_5811There’s only one car on this eight lane road called Thalia Street. It’s always crowded and teeming. Your life is at risk just to walk across. I have seen so many folks hit by cars. Then, there are the ladies in black, who just step off the curb and leisurely pace across the road. All cars stop, some screeching. There’s an unwritten rule, it seems, where if you are covered to your ankles and you have a limited field of vision, a man in a speeding car will not strike you dead. I believe this also. But I’m a man and many would consider me not to believe my eyes.


IMG_5808Candy gifts illustrate the weight problems seen so commonly. Almost every hospital room is overflowing with sweets, mostly chocolate. Over the top displays seem to be the fashion. It’s also contributing to the obesity problem. I’ve been looking at BMI’s greater than 30 (obese) for so many months, that I’m getting used to the size and shape of fat people. This is not a good thing.IMG_5809