Paul, French Bakery since…


A macaron, living in New York is a coconut cookie of mostly coconut in sugar that is associated with the Jewish holiday. I recently found out about the French version which is completely different and consists of two crisp meringue cookies and filling. Of course, there are now some very high end specialized bakeries in NY offering this French specialty but I never got around to actually trying one. So here in Jeddah, is my first encounter with a genuine French bakery. So they say. Since I have no frame of reference the macaron is good but not special. Then again the croissant was not either. That would be my frame of comparison to Parisian croissants that I have known. On the first bite and with the first taste of butter, you know it’s something special and definitely not good for you. (See Pepperidge Farm for American ersatz)

The chocolate éclair was indeed splendid. The lemon tart was quite passable. The apple tarte was decent. I did not go in for the berry tarte.

All in all it’s a decent bakery. Not truly French as in Paris but good under the circumstances.