IMG_5827Here’s a mall that I suppose I will have to find the name. It’s up the block from where I live and has been accessible because of construction work, which allows me to cross the road without risk to life (mine). They have all the fancy brands. IMG_5824 IMG_5825Too bad I’m into photography and not clothing and shoes. In fact it’s not bad walking around with relative anonymity. I don’t have to dress to impress and I’m not planning to meet anyone I care to know. So I can wear the same thing day in and day out with a care. Same shoes, same pants, and change your shirt every once in a while for the fun of it. I admit that some fast food guys recognize me now. IMG_5829 IMG_5828 IMG_5836 IMG_5837Anyway, the food court complete with fountains has become one of my go to places for an evening meal. That is until recently when as all good things become boring, I was unable to make myself go there any more. But at the beginning it was and remained a nightly destination. There’s some variety so it’s not entirely boring.


Night Wandering

IMG_5802More night wandering and you see some of the strangest things. That would be Michael Phelps? It’s around the time of the Olympics and I seem to recall he did a shampoo commercial. I’m amazed that the folks are so attuned to world sports outside soccer. I never see anything else on local cable. The Olympics on cable were of the minor sports. The USA networks did not see fit to televise any swimming on my channels. IMG_5800 IMG_5814 IMG_5812The bottles I believe would be for scent as in perfume? Considering how much perfume can cost, those are really big containers.



IMG_5801 IMG_5806 IMG_5807

Ramadan Donations

IMG_5651At Ramadan, it is a custom to donate to the poor. My block has empty sidewalks except at this time. It is stifling hot and humid, well over 100 degrees but the ladies sit and wait. The baby carriages are not for kids/infants. They bring seats and water. They step behind the bushes/dumpsters to nature’s calling. After Ramadan, they disappear.IMG_5648 IMG_5646




I just like this evening photo. That darned camera really does get a nice image. It’s evening prayer time. The store to your right is a Lebanese style deli restaurant. The lights are off because you are closed for business until after prayer time. This is roughly 20 to 30 minutes. You hear the speakers blare out prayers and then you time your moves so that you are not left standing around in the heat while the store remains closed. I’ve been there. You stare in while the employees stare out. The Chinese restaurant the other night was pretty lax and let a family in during prayer time. But that’s mostly an exception. As I said everyone is used to waiting. But they are faster than a New York cabbie to honk when the light changes. So beware, people wait, but they don’t like to do it. Go figure.


Outdoor Cafe


With all the A/C in use, I am surprised that there are a few scattered outdoor cafes. No A/C but some have large fans blowing. Folks think nothing of leaving their cars idling for long times. And yet I have been told that people like to sit outside in the evening. So far I’ve yet to see a mosquito. But there are warnings about Dengue fever. At about any hour of the evening that I have passed most of the tables are empty. Maybe I go to bed too early.


IMC is a high end private hospital. The surrounding neighborhood is not too great. I’m told that the government is trying to buy up the neighborhood and upgrade it. Really, you just buy it up and tear it down. There are some streets that are narrow and foreboding. I guess it’s not a bad idea. What with all the high walls, it’s not like there is really anything too architecturally charming.


All those high walls have to have doors. The doors are heavy and decorated in different styles (not particularly pretty). All the while they say, “Stay out.”  No pair are really the same. The walls and the doors protect privacy. There’s an attitude that everything needs to be covered almost secret. What happens behind the walls and curtains is something for a Victorian novel. Maybe?

Party Cake

There are many bakeries and pastry shops… way to many. The average weight of the population is way above obese. I mean BMI 30 (obese) is thin for the waistlines I have seen in the clinic. Have you seen many folks with BMI 60’s? I have (too many). This French style bakery prides itself on elaborate cakes and chocolate. So far the baked goods has veered toward art rather than taste. It looks good but is disappointing in taste. It’s as though someone copied a picture and forgot that you have to eat it also. Tasteless…bland… looks good.