Do You Believe This?

IMG_5811There’s only one car on this eight lane road called Thalia Street. It’s always crowded and teeming. Your life is at risk just to walk across. I have seen so many folks hit by cars. Then, there are the ladies in black, who just step off the curb and leisurely pace across the road. All cars stop, some screeching. There’s an unwritten rule, it seems, where if you are covered to your ankles and you have a limited field of vision, a man in a speeding car will not strike you dead. I believe this also. But I’m a man and many would consider me not to believe my eyes.


Night Wandering

IMG_5802More night wandering and you see some of the strangest things. That would be Michael Phelps? It’s around the time of the Olympics and I seem to recall he did a shampoo commercial. I’m amazed that the folks are so attuned to world sports outside soccer. I never see anything else on local cable. The Olympics on cable were of the minor sports. The USA networks did not see fit to televise any swimming on my channels. IMG_5800 IMG_5814 IMG_5812The bottles I believe would be for scent as in perfume? Considering how much perfume can cost, those are really big containers.



IMG_5801 IMG_5806 IMG_5807

King Fahd’s Fountain

IMG_5774It’s listed as the ‘tallest of its type in the world.’ This is a tourist attraction. When I think of New York and tourism… Well, at night it’s kind of hard to miss. I’d prefer not to make any editorial comment. Jeddah doesn’t have too many things on the tourism list of attractions as I was surprised to find when I tried to research. There is one shot I’d like. It would be of the sunset sun just behind the fountain. I’ve seen this shot in my mind as I rode home from the hospital. That would be pretty neat to set up someday.IMG_5777

Ruby Tuesday

IMG_5711The only reason I wandered into this joint is because I was too tired to try Friday’s across the street. And besides I wanted to see how it stacked up against the USA version. Except for the prayer rugs, prayer space, and some traditional Middle Eastern decorations, it’s a Tuesday’s like any other. Oh, the salad bar’s different and there are no buffalo burgers. I got some mozzarella sticks, same as home and just as not good for you. Some old habits are hard to break.IMG_5714 IMG_5715 IMG_5716 IMG_5717

Night Scene Wanderings


I wandered a little. It was Ramadan. When the sun sets and the fast is broken there is a run on the restaurants as everyone rushes to fill their empty stomachs. Most places have a ‘special menu’ to attract customers. From the mess (think aftermath of drunken beer party) that I’ve seen, I think the crowd would probably eat cardboard if you served it. So I got to shoot some neon signs. There’s some promise in the color but here’s what I can say. Moodz, it’s not a restaurant or disco. What they sell, I can’t say. IMG_5701Uptown, looks very promising. But appearances are deceiving and the menu is a sandwich menu of little excitement. I won’t go out of my way for this. IMG_5702Brassa is a traditional Brazilian churriscarria. You need to go with an appetite and a desire to eat a lot of meat. The have ostrich and a few other exotic menu items. It’s Middle East meets South America. More on this later, since I have now been there twice. IMG_5707 IMG_5705Applebee’s just like home but it was so crowded and dirty during Ramadan, that I would be very hard pressed to think about going there. There are other choices. The space dome is probably a bar or restaurant but I just didn’t have the heart to try to cross the road. It was too many lanes and too dangerous to cross over. IMG_5709 IMG_5710 IMG_5708The Manhattan Fish Market has a great sign and looked promising even though I’m not big on seafood. It is more of a traditional Muslim restaurant and has nothing in common with its name. I won’t be trying it.

Living Large


I live in a high end compound. Two villas per building, I have the part in the first six upstairs windows. The three windows to the left are where I am writing this post. I know many of my neighbors, at least who they are, but have not seen them about. Everyone drives, keeps their curtains closed, and goes to the public spaces when it’s designated for families. I’m single. I should play soccer. They play Friday night at 10PM but the injury rate is close to 100% and I’d like to keep healthy. Note the speed bump to the lower right. There really isn’t room to speed in this small space but we have about six bumps. And for the fun of it we get very nice moonrises.



It’s the best I could do from a moving car at night. I wasn’t able to exactly persuade Farid to slow down and the camera can’t do magic in low light from a moving car. During the day this fountain is not working. But once the lights come on, the traffic circle is pretty impressive. It’s public work. No pedestrians, just cars, but then again, you never really see anyone walking about, so why not just light it up for the cars for drivers busy speeding around the traffic circle?


The buildings are mostly drab sand colored and not too well to do. There is no rain so everything is mostly covered in a layer of dust. I think that this is an apartment complex. I pass it in my walk to town. Cable TV is heavily censored, but the ‘princes’ own the cable company, so anything is possible (profit is king). I wouldn’t know because I haven’t tried to test the water. I still have a trusty internet connection that lets me out into the wide world. Shhh… the satellite dishes are many and who knows who’s listening in. If this were a CIA outpost, the dishes would give it all away. Certainly the buildings don’t. Looks like a ‘Bourne’ movie.

Up Tight

I use a phrase from the ’70s. ‘WTF’ from the online gamers. Man, you gotta ‘loosen up.’ Your underwear is too tight.

This is a scent store. From my view it’s empty bottles. They sell them in a variety of colors. It’s more like a catalog of style and color, than artistic display of craftsmanship. You don’t see any stores in New York devoted to selling empty glass containers.