Lionfish III

Upside down, right side up, you pick. One of these guys is oriented correctly. No trick. I just happened to notice that the lionfish doesn’t seem to care for direction. And they swim slowly just daring you to do something.


Lionfish II

They swim upside down. Huh? Yeah, I Photoshopped him upright. I can’t believe the color! Underwater, we just noticed the fish swimming slowly along the coral wall. It was not colorful. The fish was certainly not particularly noticeable as it swam slowly up the wall. As with fish that are all showy and colorful, this guy has venomous spines. It just shouts stay away.


Fire Coral

This is not fire coral. But the bright red color fooled me. Underwater I was not expecting this color with flash lighting. Without flash this was a rust colored brown patch of no particular note. I wonder about the significance of the color. Do fish see in a different spectrum of light? Is this color significant to the fish? I enjoyed the splash of color.