This brand was my first track shoe in high school. Afterwards I no longer wore Converse. It’s an international brand, German, I think. Anyway it’s nice to know where to go when my current pair finally wear out. The good news is that my shoes are wearing slowly. Inside it’s like home except for the dress of the customers. I’m just having a problem visualizing these snazzy shoes under the all black abaya.


Tokyo Games

It’s an electronic store with Apple logo. Apple retail stores are all over. They sell Apple product but are not your Apple Big Box store. They are all around. You can’t necessarily get everything Apple but it’s nice to know it’s here. They have Playstation, Nintendo, and Wii. I just don’t quite get the censorship thing. What is allowed and what is not still remains a mystery. Violence video is condoned. What’s stylish is hard to fathom. The prices are comparable to the US. Since the average wage is so low, the prices, in fact, are quite high. Still, there doesn’t seem to be a lack of customers. I’m told I live in an expensive neighborhood.