Meadowlands Chocolate Fair

No pictures please, too late

Last month I posted on the Manhattan Chocolate Show. A week later on the NJ Turnpike there was an electronic billboard touting another show at the Meadowlands Exposition Center. Cousin Amy, the food blogger and I made arrangements to meet and tour the show. It was a very different show from NY. This one was really like a flea market open to the public and for the registered vendors to sell product to the consumer and less about marketing to the trade. And as far as chocolate was concerned there was not too high a bar. We saw salad dressing, barbecue implements, first aid kits, meat and at least two dog related booths. One sold elaborately decorated dog biscuits. The other encouraged you to buy chocolate to support a rescue program. People indeed did try some of the dog biscuits mistaking them for free samples. They were free to sample, but you were supposed to bring the sample home to Fido. Do I say that they do things a bit differently in NJ?

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