Take Your Chance

There are some arcades in the shopping malls. It seems that families/kids are alike in the US and Saudi Arabia. Some have rides, video games, and I have even seen a bowling alley. It seems that I have been able to wander in these areas without being thrown out as a ‘single.’ Maybe it’s because there are video games, or maybe it’s because I am passing through so quickly that the guards don’t have a chance to tell me to leave. This was one of David’s favorite games of chance at Spaceplex on Long Island. You manipulate a small claw crane to snag a stuffed animal. It’s set up for failure every time. That’s how they make their money. Imagine my surprise when David returned with not one but just about 80% success whenever I gave him 25 cents to try his hand. He had the touch. So it’s a great reminder to see the game here. I wonder how David would make out now?