Marathon Sunday, New York

I am coordinating today’s post with my other blogs and will talk about helicopters there also. (see the sidebar Blogroll for locations.)

Unfortunately, we did not fly the marathon route this past Sunday. The Bell 47 helicopter was down for annual maintenance. This is a combination of two previous shoots that Charlie and I did a few years ago. The iconic image in my imagination has been described to me as taken by a Sports Illustrated photographer. They were positioned over the center span looking straight over the bridge. The shot is when the first runners come over the rise and the rest of the bridge in front of them is still empty. I didn’t quite get that shot. Maybe someday…

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Dragon Boat Races, Flushing Meadows

Dragon Boat races occur in Flushing Meadows each summer. The boats are provided by the organizers. Teams sign-up, train, and compete on a course set up at the site of the  1967 World’s Fair.

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