Victor Ho.

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For me photography has been self taught hobby. I am free to explore and seek my style. The evolution has taken me from Black and White to Color Slide to Digital. While technical competence is relatively easy, style is much harder to develop. If you would ask me now, the difference between a snap shot and an image is in the detail.

The earliest posts were of events much of which are in and around New York in that began in September 2011. In June 2012 this changed to a blog on life in the Middle East, which for me has been a long interesting event that doesn’t end when the sun comes up in the morning. Thanks for dropping in.

December 2012

An update is in order. I am pretty much using this blog to post Jeddah and my adventures involving my cultural relocation. When I started it was to collect images at events that I had photographed, like the annual New York St Patrick’s Day parade and such. So far the major photo event here has been Flutag, which I have recently posted. As I get my traveling papers together, there will be much more from places I hope I can visit.

June 2012

I had used this blog initially to document events, parades, shows and other things in which a large number of pictures were gathered for view. Since June, I have been blogging Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. It’s been slow. There’s a lot to comment upon. Gradually I will go over many things which have culturally changed in my life. For now this update comes as my blog has been linked up with Expats Blog. Hey! Cool! I’m the first and so far only blog from Saudi Arabia.

November 2011

Having been at this for about a month, I have decided to focus on galleries of images in this blog. These would be from events or collections. My other blog will focus on one or perhaps a few images. Try as I might, it is difficult to edit down to a single signature image. So often, the full story of the event is not contained in a single image.

Note: Since there isn’t an event going on every day, this site is updated less frequently than my other site – http://photobackstory.wordpress.com/ – where I am uploading images of now and in my past film days.

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