Saudi Arabia

During a recent visit, I saw a small part of the city and country. There are many cultural differences from things familiar to me in New York City. With an open mind and lots of curiosity, I explored places and things within the time frame allowed. Several essays will follow from this posting of the selected edits of my trip. Explanations and stories will hopefully help dispel some of the mystery. As always there is truth and fiction involved. From my perspective, some information I read was exaggerated. For instance, I was told that the authorities examined all computers for contraband video and such. Common sense says that there is not enough time to do any such search. I visited the sites of mosques, the old city, the mountains, and the compound of a prince. I snorkeled. I was detained by the Coast Guard. I visited the grocery. I hiked in the mountains. I visited the fish market. I encountered people and was ignored by about an equal number. People are friendly when they aren’t ignoring you. I photographed street life and was warned not to photograph. There are no movie theaters. There is no alcohol or pork. There is a vibe and flow to the country and its people that I haven’t had an opportunity to understand. But I understand more than before I embarked on this grand adventure.

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