Arrested OWS

In the arms of police and restrained from running

I happened to be sitting across the street from the courthouse. I had moved to avoid arrest after overhearing a protester’s mumbles. The police wanted the front of the courthouse steps clear. A young girl, Nicole, from Virginia, ran across the street in the cross walk. She had no shoes, just socks with holes. An undercover cop jumped out and spoke to someone else I did not see. “You want her?” And with that I witnessed an arrest. I was surprised that there seemed to be very little commotion from the protesters. A few called out. Most people were unaware of the arrest or chose not to harass the police. Others were downright taunting. “Hey go fix a ticket.” In this instance the police officers and their superiors were professional. NBC was there. The story was spun out. Her friend, the redhead, told the NBC reporter that Nicole had been knocked to the ground by the police for no reason. I did not see the alleged offense, so I cannot comment on whether Nicole was innocent. She was not abused. After being cuffed, she sat down on the ground so that she could not be removed from the scene easily. The first amendment was in abundant display. Mostly the protesters and the police showed restraint. The news reported about a dozen arrests. I saw about six.

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