Va Bene

IMG_5895It’s Italian, of course. Pasta you pick, then you pick the sauce. They have pizza, more on that later. I feel like Rachel Ray and the Food Channel. It’s pretty inexpensive and actually tastes pretty good. I got the carbonara sauce. There are also baked pasta dishes. I couldn’t get lasagna one evening and they steered me to the baked pasta which was a good find.IMG_5898



IMG_5886Well, I’m not Japanese. And I’m not a fan of Sushi. There are few Chinese options. So Teriyaki beef makes the grade. It’s salty (very) sweet, crisp and hot. I did in fact have the tempura shrimp. The shrimp are really fresh and good. But the batter, though perfectly crisp,  is too oily to be able to finish the whole dish. This has been my go to meal until I couldn’t bear to go to the mall any longer. Soda is included and the guys know me on sight and always smile.IMG_5889

Juice Bar

IMG_5870My first try at custom blending, I asked for lemon, pineapple, and banana. At least the color was ok. The taste was a little too tart. There are no signs. But I found that I was sitting in the family, ladies section. Ahhh, the rules, you never know when you’re breaking one. So I just look like I don’t know what I’m doing and everything works out.


Hot Pot

IMG_5863My main problem was translation. The guys here did not speak English. I wanted lamb. I ended up pointing at a dish that left the counter and they made that for me. It was so hot (temperature) that it didn’t matter what the meat was. But I think it was chicken. The metal bowl is heated hot and holds the temperature. The flat bread is seeded and layered. It’s way large and probably meant to be shared.

Raj Restaurant

IMG_5797Here’s one more comment on the only Indian restaurant in my repertoire so far. Instead of bread it’s papadum served. They are addicting and definitely so bad for you. Those aren’t spring rolls because they’re cheese filled. It is a fact that most cultures have something you would call a dumpling. And egg rolls, spring rolls, samosa etc are all common variations.IMG_5798 IMG_5796

Paul Restaurant

IMG_5785Real French bakery and restaurant, the baking is quite good. I finally tried it. The croque monsieur was even good. (By the way, it’s not ham.) Unfortunately, on the second try it was cold and uncooked. Still it was a good meal. I had the lime with mint. It’s lime juice and crushed ice, a bit oversweet but very good. The éclair was excellent and I forgot to take a picture until I was halfway through eating the darn thing.IMG_5782 IMG_5787 IMG_5786 IMG_5789

Juice World

IMG_5769 IMG_5771Farid took me here one evening. They make juice smoothies of just about any fruit combination you can imagine. As my kids would say, this is just my kind of place. They bind their fruit in a unique way. I wonder if they rotate the stock. When you blend and mash up multiple fruits it’s very thick and begins to all taste the same. I used to mash up all the play clay during my childhood and the color always ended up a dull brown. Get it? Oh, and if you wonder, the fruit is really pretty inexpensive here in the markets.IMG_5772

More Eats


Kudu is a fast food chain I haven’t had a desire to try yet. I keep thinking the name reminds me of some sort of small African animal. IMG_5720 IMG_5721Chicken ‘parm’ did you guess? Actually it’s got a pretty good red sauce to go with it. Jack says he ate in Maggiano’s in Denver. I ate there also on a different day. It ain’t the same. And Burger King, Vertigo, Steak and Pain, I want to say they have great neon signs. I’m puzzled by the ‘Pain.’ Would that be the patron or the cow? IMG_5755 IMG_5759 IMG_5758Burger King was one of the last fast foods that I broke down and ate. I do like the charbroiled burgers, but it was a lot of months to getting around to having one. They serve mozzarella sticks, cheapest around when I need a fix.

Ruby Tuesday

IMG_5711The only reason I wandered into this joint is because I was too tired to try Friday’s across the street. And besides I wanted to see how it stacked up against the USA version. Except for the prayer rugs, prayer space, and some traditional Middle Eastern decorations, it’s a Tuesday’s like any other. Oh, the salad bar’s different and there are no buffalo burgers. I got some mozzarella sticks, same as home and just as not good for you. Some old habits are hard to break.IMG_5714 IMG_5715 IMG_5716 IMG_5717