IMG_5816It’s a family hall. I presume it’s for weddings and such. I pass it all the time. It’s on a junk street. There’s trash and construction debris everywhere. There’s nowhere to park. The place itself is nothing to look at from the outside and mostly shuttered. Once or twice a month I have seen it open and a function is going on. There is a fountain. And there are people dressed for a celebration. Mostly it’s closed so I wonder how they stay in business. And the location is certainly not picturesque.


Do You Believe This?

IMG_5811There’s only one car on this eight lane road called Thalia Street. It’s always crowded and teeming. Your life is at risk just to walk across. I have seen so many folks hit by cars. Then, there are the ladies in black, who just step off the curb and leisurely pace across the road. All cars stop, some screeching. There’s an unwritten rule, it seems, where if you are covered to your ankles and you have a limited field of vision, a man in a speeding car will not strike you dead. I believe this also. But I’m a man and many would consider me not to believe my eyes.