Mall Food

IMG_5851Eating at the mall has been an experience. I started simple. One of the things I was guilty of succumbing to was the advertising of Baskin Robbins. I don’t remember the last time I had it in New York. After all we got Hagen Daz. They do too (here). But there is a poster for an orange milkshake…. I kept imagining a tart orange creamsicle shake. Oh well, it’s mango. Not tart enough, so I went with strawberry… yogurt, lower fat, complete with seeds and satisfying that urge to have a milkshake. Ok, so they use whole milk. I wasn’t having one a day. IMG_5855 IMG_5853 IMG_5852And crepes, I’ve been to too many street fairs. But I finally had them make me a banana and nutella crepe and later a three cheese crepe. The rectangular shape from a round crepe was a bit disconcerting but did little to interfere with the taste. IMG_5893IMG_5856There is a hot pot place that serves a stew in a hot pot with a flat bread underneath. The bread is huge about 24 inches round and enough to feed a family. Note the blended mixed juices. And there’s a guy selling ice cream bars, high end and multiple flavors. Nice presentation, he’s not your ordinary Good Humor guy.IMG_5858


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