Night Scene Wanderings


I wandered a little. It was Ramadan. When the sun sets and the fast is broken there is a run on the restaurants as everyone rushes to fill their empty stomachs. Most places have a ‘special menu’ to attract customers. From the mess (think aftermath of drunken beer party) that I’ve seen, I think the crowd would probably eat cardboard if you served it. So I got to shoot some neon signs. There’s some promise in the color but here’s what I can say. Moodz, it’s not a restaurant or disco. What they sell, I can’t say. IMG_5701Uptown, looks very promising. But appearances are deceiving and the menu is a sandwich menu of little excitement. I won’t go out of my way for this. IMG_5702Brassa is a traditional Brazilian churriscarria. You need to go with an appetite and a desire to eat a lot of meat. The have ostrich and a few other exotic menu items. It’s Middle East meets South America. More on this later, since I have now been there twice. IMG_5707 IMG_5705Applebee’s just like home but it was so crowded and dirty during Ramadan, that I would be very hard pressed to think about going there. There are other choices. The space dome is probably a bar or restaurant but I just didn’t have the heart to try to cross the road. It was too many lanes and too dangerous to cross over. IMG_5709 IMG_5710 IMG_5708The Manhattan Fish Market has a great sign and looked promising even though I’m not big on seafood. It is more of a traditional Muslim restaurant and has nothing in common with its name. I won’t be trying it.


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