Pepperoni Pizza

IMG_5643I’m going to blog food and restaurants. I will add that it’s not too healthy. My diet has been based primarily on restaurants and the hospital cafeteria. The good news is that the cafeteria is healthy and serves no soda. The bad news is that all the fast food places pretty much serve soda and food definitely not conducive to good dieting. I finally broke down and went for a pizza. It’s a bit too big for an individual but I wasn’t taking any prisoners. My secret has been to limit my meals during the day. And, I have been exercising regularly. I lost my weight watchers access to follow points and calories. But I have worked it out without counting. So far my weekly weight has remained steady. Oh, the pizza, it’s quite good. It’s not a true Italian/New York pizza. But it’s close enough to make me happy.IMG_5642


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