Night Tour

IMG_5623 IMG_5622 IMG_5621As I said I walk at night but once in a while I get out of the neighborhood. Without a car, I am mostly close. The journey this night took me to a grocery with it’s own brick oven and bread making. There were plenty of delicacies to sample but I was not hungry. It was after dinner. And low and behold a Trek store. IMG_5626Ducking inside for a minute I found mountain bikes. There was exactly one road bike and one hybrid. When I looked up the cost online the comparison prices are higher here in Jeddah. And there’s no choice. I guess I have to keep looking for a bike shop. Realistically with the heat and danger of road traffic, I do not expect to ride in Jeddah. IMG_4568We stopped by the Lebanese barber shop and I was introduced. You never know and the barber wanted me to take a shot. So I took it. Road work is not exactly part of the tour, but it has saved my life so far. IMG_5632IMG_5633I would have to cross this busy boulevard to get to the mall which has become a source of sustenance. With the construction in place for months and no end in sight, I have been able to cross over without risk to life and limb. It’s covered and paved again. So the time is near when it will be a foot race once again. Meanwhile no one has been able to tell me what the purpose of the metal container will be.IMG_5627


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