What’s Black and White and Red All Over


IMG_5601It’s the punch line to an old grammar school joke: a nun rolling down the stairs. No disrespect intended. It’s a red Dior dress, like you knew. And the joke just came to me looking at the image. Spotlights probe the night sky. I expected some grand opening, crowds gathered for an event, princes emerging from Rolls Royce. Nope. …just some random spotlights on a shopping mall building that’s not even really open. And can you tell me with all the black dress that my falls upon night after night as I stalk the neighborhood, feathers, boas, and this fancy colorful accessory, what the heck?IMG_5609

Someone please make note the the person in the ad has had their face blurred out. It’s a religious rule. No images of people in advertising. Yup!IMG_5639 IMG_5638 IMG_5636When you consider feathers and bright colors, i wonder how anyone puts up with all black. But that’s the outside wear. It’s universal. There are a few color accents, but otherwise – all black.


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