Eating out

IMG_5218With all the American brand name chain restaurants it was only a matter of time before I arrived in an Outback Restaurant. It’s in my category of survivor meal. You go there when there’s not too much choice and you want to live. I indulged in a decadent desire to have a greasy blooming onion. The steak was average. There’s too much emphasis on lean meat to get a true tender moist steak. During Ramadan they bring complimentary samosa, laban, and dates – distinctly different and Middle Eastern. IMG_5220Another breakdown, I ate in Subway. Funny, I first ate in one in Maine, during another desperation moment. It’s not bad and if you believe the hype, you will lose weight. Just the same it tastes like New York or Maine. The difference is that they don’t have sweet peppers and they don’t have the variety of breads. There are a few other variations like a split hot dog with American cheese on top. They will add all the olives lettuce and tomato to that mess that you request. IMG_5231Thalia Mall is a mega mall of three stories. It has an amusement center with rides and games for the family. There is a standard food court Middle Eastern style. In it there is a Burger King and a Chinese takeout place. Spring rolls are the only thing you can eat from the Chinese place. The hot and sour soup is not soup (unidentified starch thickened mess). The rest of the food is in warmers. The turnover is slow and the food has given me GI distress too often to be ignored. The spring rolls are fried up on the spot so they’re safe.

Thalia Mall

Thalia Mall

Costa looks like a chain. It’s a tiny kiosk that serves up coffee, smoothies and baked goods. So far there’s no appeal.


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