Golden Palace

IMG_5199There is one thing (they always ask) that I miss from New York. It reminds me when they asked Steve Martin (My Blue Heaven), “What do you miss?” And he replied, “Arugula. How come you can’t get any decent arugula (in sunny white bread Southern California)?” Me, I miss a good dumpling. Really, it’s ubiquitous in every cuisine and universal throughout China and every nondescript local NY Chinese restaurant. I think (probably not) that they invented the damn things like fireworks. No way in Jeddah so far. There are oily spring rolls, no egg roll. And the hot and sour soup is mainly fire hot because they like hot sauce around here. I was fairly impressed that a single diner (male) next to me ordered a staggering number of dishes (20) with appetizers and soup. I asked and he said he wanted to sample everything. I swear he didn’t look like a restaurant critic, no way.

Limp veggies, oily chips

Limp veggies, oily chips

Meanwhile the waiters didn’t bring the soup, brought the main course, and then tried to bring the spring rolls later. I guess they were too distracted by the gluttony next to me. The other meals have not fared too much better. On my first and every visit they bring ‘lobster’ chips and pickled vegetables complimentary. It is unfortunate that the oil is old and everything tastes of fish. The soup is way too thickened with starch. And the sauces are too cloying and sweet. IMG_5200There aren’t many choices for Chinese food so far. This is one where I would rather die than return. Secretly I believe that the chefs are not Chinese at all and don’t know how to cook with soy sauce and hoisin. You just can’t be Chinese and that clueless. Rating: minus 5 – enter at your own risk.



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