Steak House (yup, that's the name) 2nd floor

Steak House (yup, that’s the name) 2nd floor

The Steak House is up there on the second floor, which is actually the third and fourth floor of this mall. It’s a restaurant of fine dining. I would rate it like a Beefsteak Charlie’s. It’s ok in a pinch but otherwise pedestrian. No punches here. KFC is big around here. I have not been tempted. I never was when I lived in the US so there’s not too much reason to change. And there’s Hardee’s. I ate in Hardee’s in the ‘70’s in the US when I sold encylopedias as a college student. We would eat anywhere cheap and fast. I’ve not become that desperate yet.

KFC, Hardees

KFC, Hardees

Crispy Creme

Crispy Creme

Little Ceasar

Little Caesar’s

Crispy Crème Doughnuts is a chain here. They are pretty much gone from the NY scene after making a big splash in the 90’s. The product is about the same as I remember it. The doughnut guys wear surgical masks like at Dunkin’. What’s the deal?IMG_5205


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