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Artificial sweetener and peanut butter, oh my

Artificial sweetener and peanut butter, oh my

The big joke at my house is that I can’t find anything. So while poking around in the refrigerator I automatically call out before I start looking, “No. I don’t see it behind the milk.” It cuts off at least three lines of questions and conversation. So you will understand why I could not for the life of me understand (much less find) the artificial sweetener in the grocery. Really! For months I have wandered the aisles. There is a section for sugar. I mean sugar of every stripe and color, raw and processed, small and large, you name it. No artificial anything. And I had concluded that this was a main cause for obesity. The restaurants had good old ‘SweetNLow’ but where did they get it? And yes I looked in baked goods, no dice. Well there’s a display with all the fake sugars pink, blue, and yellow right there on about five shelves. It’s just that it’s not logically placed. So I couldn’t find it. And, I repeat once again, “Men don’t ask for directions.”

Believe me a good knife is hard to find

Believe me a good knife is hard to find

I take the opportunity to post some flowers as an interlude and bridge before my next revelation. Remember it’s always summer in the desert. If you water it, it will bloom. But it will bloom in cycles. So you don’t seem to have continuous blooms. They come and go. The seasons are not too long (for the flowers). IMG_4533IMG_4532IMG_4538IMG_4534Speaking of ‘cycles, I’d stlll like to ride a bike outdoors.IMG_4539And then there’s ‘Laban’ a popular brand. That’s what you get for being illiterate. 100% pure cow’s milk, skimmed, what can be ambiguous about this label? It’s “from.” It’s a yogurt drink! That’s ok. I like a good mango lassie at the Indian restaurant in NY. But here in Jeddah, I would open the container a few days after purchase and taste sour milk and think that the milk had turned. After several tries I switched to whole milk Laban thinking that no one drinks ‘skimmed’ and that’s why I was always getting a bad container. Everyone had a good laugh over my utter ignorance and stupidity. My solution is to get my milk fix from Baskin Robbins where they make a strawberry yogurt shake with 4 scoops and whole milk.

Hey I thought is was milk in Arabic. And skim!

Hey I thought is was milk in Arabic. And skim!



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