I haven’t been back too often but here’s the restaurant section at Goodies. Remember it’s next to the stacked produce section.

And there’s the central round of counters selling grilled kabobs and prepared salads.

The puffed bread is complimentary and piping hot.

Until they told me the other ingredient I enjoyed the tangy garlic dip. (It’s mixed with mayonnaise – too many calories.)

You order kabobs. You must order three. It comes on top of a flat bread (optional to eat) and with foccacia like flat bread and grilled (burnt) vegetables. They really do use a hot hot charcoal grill. Chicken, lamb, and beef here,  but the red bell pepper coating fell off in the grilling. It’s pretty good eats.

Pomegranate juice not my first choice but surprisingly good is also new to me.

Ready to grill kabobs line the case. The charcoal grill awaits just to the left. And you may get chicken or beef cubes on a kabob as well. The chicken and beef are very lean so they tend to be dry.

And the finale is a gelato, here probably pomegranate again. But as I said the pastry or baked goods do not tempt me.

There are of course traditional sweets candies. Once again the appeal is limited. It would seem that children’s tastes are universally similar.


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