American Embassy


Everyday, well almost, on my ride home from the hospital, I pass the American embassy. To see it go to Google Earth, ’cause this is about the best I can do from here. I have been told many times that there was an attack not too many years ago. The terrorists managed to kill a number of people, mostly Filipino staff. Since then the traffic pattern has been forever altered by the barriers and guards. In addition to the high walls, there is another layer of concrete walled barrier. All this is topped with barbed wire.

There are cameras and guard booths. The outside is manned by Saudi military. There are booths across the street.

And note, there is a pick up truck with an armor mounted machine gun in the bed. During the day it’s blazing hot. They have water coolers for the guards. The machine gun in the pick up has never been loaded so far as I can see.

Across the street is a mosque and the large hospital to the right is owned by the cousin to the CEO of my hospital. It’s bigger but perhaps not better? And there has to be a lot of road debris. The crack in the windshield is seen in just about every hospital vehicle I have been in.



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