I could call it a singles bar but there are no alcohol bars. I finally broke down and went to McD’s. it was too hot and I was too tired to walk. And after you haven’t been to a McD in about a year, you can do it again. Ah, a Big Mac #1 meal, please don’t supersize me, looks about the same anywhere except for the Arabic language on the soda cup. Come to think of it, it’s Coke. I made a mistake, they don’t speak English that well, and when I asked for ‘orange’ – Fanta orange soda – I ended up with Minute Maid processed orange juice with a bit too much concentrate.

You know what? Wherever you may go in this whole wide world, a Big Mac tastes the same as it does in New York. Talk about comfort food. At least you know what you’re in for when you get the #1. And it’s close. When it’s too hot to walk, you can bail and go there.


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