Mixed Density


I like the contrasts. We are in a shopping district. There is a lot of space available. At the same time businesses like to be on top of one another. Really, there is no lack of large empty lots full of debris and garbage waiting for development. Half started halted construction is everywhere you look. And with the fact that everyone drives, who cares if you are 30 seconds down the road. So why the crowding?

Shadow Restaurant is also a spa. Well from the window it looks more like a dimly lit bar. And it is upstairs from Baskin Robbins, which sits next to Bose, which sits next to Subway. It’s certainly an odd assortment of neighbors. Moving on, you see that you may go to the gym where there is free internet to entice you. If I’m movin’ on the exercise equipment, how am I surfin’ the ‘net? But hey, you gotta have a gimmick!

Of course, variety sells. If you have a very small space and you want to appeal to a wide base of customers you may run out of window space in which to let them know what you have inside. And the tube lights add to the festive feeling.

Next door get your cut with the Turkish barber. I finally went to the Lebanese barber (boy did I need a cut). What the difference is, I don’t know.

Dry cleaner’s is just down the block. They do a brisk business in rugs. You definitely don’t see that in New York.


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