it’s Goodies, restaurant and grocery. It’s a chain because I saw another for the first time the other day. I wonder if they periodically change the inventory and take down the stacked produce to sell. Everything is weighed and placed in plastic bags with a price label upon it. Yes, the oranges are weighed and bagged. No, they don’t believe in the environmental pollution of the ubiquitous plastic bags. Meat is sold from refrigerated cases and is individually wrapped as you pick it. It is also extremely lean.

And on the near side in the foreground you see a counter case full of kabobs stacked and waiting for custom orders. They grill it on the spot and you may stay or take away.

Salads of all kinds and prepared foods look good enough to eat. The inventory turns over fast enough that you are not afraid to try it. I am always wary when there is a look of age and discoloration to the top surface of the salads.


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