As with most restaurants in Jeddah, there is a separate entrance for ‘singles’ and ‘families.’ Really! I might enter from the side or main door. You look for the sign. You apologize when you come in the wrong door. I have learned to smile and apologize because I am mostly disoriented unless the sign is right there. Other places have an upstairs and downstairs to separate the groups. In the extreme, I have been in places where they have a barrier around the individual table to separate the families so that no one may see the dining group. Somewhere else I would like to show you what it’s like to be a woman and eat with a veil. I suppose the picture is intrusive so you don’t see it here. The woman lifts here veil and puts the food in underneath. Drinking is a pain. It’s actually amusing to me. Not to be disrespectful but it actually looks funny, trying to eat through a veil. Perhaps, it’s why they invented straws. I consider it to be problematic for women. No one else seems to object around here.

Ah, salad bar – here’s what they call salad at Fuddrucker’s. it’s really the fixins’ add on for the ‘burgers. Yes, there’s potato salad. But pretty much it’s what you would put on a well-dressed burger. They eat it by the plate.


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