Niche and Congratulations


I return briefly back to the hospital to show you another detail. Again for the lack of a better plan, I’m following my chronological order on the memory card. These niches are seen throughout the hospital. I have not seen this elsewhere in my travels through New York. Once again, I applaud the architects and planners who placed these touches throughout. It has certainly made the hospital a more pleasant and serene environment. In these public spaces the lighting is perfect and does not remind me of a sterile clinical hospital space. Unfortunately my office clinic space is replete with fluorescent light and no windows.

I do not have access to the maternity unit. But when you wander around in scrubs and look like you know what you’re doing you unwittingly are admitted to areas. There are security locks everywhere. We also have doors which are locked and where one merely has to enter from the other direction to gain unlocked access. Anyway, getting off the elevator I followed some staff and found myself passing through maternity. This is pretty tame with balloons. Imagine the same treatment done all in expensive flowers. Really it’s like I believe in conservation and nature too much to be comfortable with wasting so many flowers. And to remove some of the gifts I have seen dump truck sized trucks at the hospital door to carry off the loot. Also, yellow? You must know by now if it’s pink or blue.


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