Dive III

You’re not supposed to be spear fishing. In fact I have been told that it’s not allowed and you need a permit. But you may carry one for protection. Some of the spear guns are pretty impressive – 6 foot long and with very serious pointed arrows – a bit more protection than is needed against these fish.

When you are out on the open ocean and after you have made a couple dives, you will find yourself ravenously hungry. It was a wonderful thing to come up from the reef to find a hot grill and barbecued meat smoking away. I was to hungry to remember to shoot the food. I was more concerned about the open fire. No, they didn’t grill the fish.

Ah, the effects of anti-histamines on Farid. He told me that he hates to throw up. So it was a slight overdose. I can relate and definitely sympathize. I hope he understands that I have been there as well.

And yes someone caught a starfish.


At the end of the day, it’s a pretty good bet you will catch a nice sunset. I keep marveling at how great the Canon G11 does it.


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