The Start


You don’t go anywhere unless the government knows who’s on board. They worry that we will return with illegal aliens. Not too likely, but that’s what the guy was doing. He checked and confirmed all of our papers. He kept them as well. One guy had to go home to get his papers. He didn’t listen to the instructions.

Steaming out of the inlet, I got to see some of the compounds behind the closed walls. It seems that if you are waterside it’s ok to see.



We still had to check in with the Coast Guard. If you read back in December when I first visited, you will find that I had an adventure with this very Coast Guard station. It involves a detention and some very boring hours answering questions. So here we are back at the scene of the crime (Farid and I). It was poetic.

This concrete monstrosity was here on my first visit. What the heck? It’s a beach house. From Google earth you can see a pool. So much for hiding things behind walls.

The view to the south – Jeddah. There are some high rise buildings. Mostly these are hotels. The city is more than 3 million. But it is mostly low rise and sprawling. Surprisingly not too many people dive.

Twilight at the Coast Guard station. Thank goodness we didn’t spend the day there again.



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