Dive Trip II

In the course of my learning experience, my classmates were Hamid and Alan. Maroun (middle) is my instructor. I will always be bound to them by our shared experience. Farid (on drugs) is there looking silly. He has motion sickness and hates to throw up. So he took anti histamines. I couldn’t get him a transderm scopolamine patch. And like me the drug makes you sleepy. I mean he really wasn’t in his right mind the whole day. What he remembers is that we would tell him, “Time to dive.” And he would jump in the water. But he doesn’t remember too much. I’m still learning so I don’t have any dive shots. The boat was run by the ‘Captain’ who taught Farid. They carried enough tanks for everyone to make three tanks diving. That would be about three hours of diving time.


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