Dive Trip


Let me start by saying that scuba diving has been on my bucket list. Coming to Jeddah, I knew that my colleague Farid would engage me to learn and qualify. So I brought a Canon housing for my camera that would withstand depths to 120 feet. I immediately purchased a mask, boots, and fins. The wet suit was for protection from the coral and for the cold. I held back on the wet suit. So far the water has been around 86 degrees if you believe my dive computer. I got burned by some fire coral so I now have gloves too.


3 thoughts on “Dive Trip

    • The darned fire coral doesn’t have a label and I didn’t mean to touch it intentionally. In fact it did not bother my fingers. But merely brushing it with my wrist in passing gave me a first degree burn and then blisters. The blisters went away in several hours. The rash and itching lasted for a couple weeks. And now I stay far away from that brand of coral.

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