I have been told that I may not enter a mosque. But we have one here in the hospital. It has also been told to me that aside from the convenience, it keeps the employees from running away for an hour or two at prayer time. And since prayers are five times a day, this has to be a tremendous help. I will add that five is down from more than seventy times per day as was originally mandated. The mosque is centrally located right off a main hallway to the clinical offices. There is a spot to store your shoes. You walk on the rug in bare feet or socks. Women pray to the left behind a wooden screen. Their shoes are on the floor in the hall. It took me a while to understand why there were random shoes strewn about the hallway. Women enter separately. Hospital life and religious life interweave in a strange way. The cafeteria remains open. The OR doesn’t curtail it’s schedule. I move through my daily routine with problems. But for the devout, the mosque is crowded at prayer time with patients, families, and medical staff.



2 thoughts on “Mosque

    • Once again I am working from local info. I have been told that I may not enter. However, I pass the mosque in the hospital without a problem. And then at the mall, there doesn’t seem to be a problem passing by as people pull out prayer rugs and kneel. I just try to be as sensitive to customs that are foreign to me. Sometimes the explanations are not as forthcoming. I do ask where I can. Thanks for the info.

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