More Than You Want To Know


If you wonder about the order of my posts, here’s how it works. I have been shooting serially with my Canon G11 since arriving in June. Around the hospital and in the evening I pretty much have it ready for anything that I see. So you’re seeing what has been chronologically been going on. What can I say; it’s a plan. Ok, so everyone’s gotta go. I’m in the hospital and what do you know? Some things baffle me. I’m not too shy about asking but some answers I’m still leery about. There’s a drain. Convenient and I’ve seen this elsewhere. You clean the floor and it’s not a bad idea. The hose? What gives? So, I’ve been told it’s to wash your feet. Before you laugh, I’ve always been told that it was lucky to ‘step in it.” So I ask again, what gives?



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