I will admit that I am presently obsessed with eating a good piece of cheese cake in Jeddah. The closest I got was an impulse splurge at a Hot’n Crusty. The thing was like a Pepperidge Farm fake air filled imitation. What a waste of calories! I have been fooled on more than one occasion so that not too much is surprising. I can say that flavors are bland. People do like hot sauce. But in baking, I have found things are looking good but without any real taste. It’s as though someone copied the picture and never tasted the real thing. Ok, I generalize too much. There is a Cheesecake Factory outlet somewhere close by. At some point I will get there. So far I’m just not motivated enough to walk over. It’s what has always driven my wife crazy. I can just wait on wish fulfillment. In other words I can have a bag or chips or a cookies and don’t feel obligated to finish them in one sitting. So the weather’s too hot to have these baked treats open. I fear that they look better than they will taste. So I enjoy the pictures and will still bide my time. I’m still also looking for a good piece of dark chocolate. There’s no lack of chocolate shops. Like obesity?  If you are admitted to the hospital, someone will bring in a 20 pound tray of wrapped chocolates. I mean this literally. It is so enormous!


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