High Style


Many men wear traditional dress with head scarves. And like women they are constantly fiddling with the scarves to get them to sit properly on their heads. And then there are men who wear suits, and others who are casual in shirts and pants. Many women and men wear jeans. The women wear jeans under their abaya. I can’t tell you how hot it looks to wear this heavy clothing in this heat.

Tumi and high end products are seen in stores. I took this shot because my cousin Amy shoots their products professionally. So I’m just giving her a plug here. And the nightshirts, well let’s just say that I was pretty much convinced that women don’t wear color, just black. The evening I shot this image, I was just walking the shopping strip. I have learned to shoot from the hip pretty much without stopping. No sooner than I shot this image, a security guard got up from a chair and motioned me away indicating that he did not want me to take a picture. He didn’t ask me to delete it. And after I walked away he sat back down. On many an evening later when I pass this store, there is absolutely no one around to stop me from taking a photo. Hey, what gives?



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