Dive Resort

We dive in a resort. It’s walled and private. The main reason for privacy is to avoid the religious police. There are a few women who dive as well. Some other places I have seen women in bathing suits and even bikinis. You wouldn’t think twice ordinarily, but customs are so restrictive that I am nervous for the women that they would be accosted for their dress, or lack thereof. The land is divided and the ocean front footage is very small. The lots are about 60-80 foot wide and about ½ mile deep. Depending on your location, the neighbor may or may not have developed his property. So while you have seen gorgeous shots diving on the reef, the topside view is nothing extraordinary. In fact it’s just hot and crowded with divers heading in and out. The stairs are there to help in getting into and out of the water. My dive instructor did a lot of work here to build a platform to protect the coral. It serves as an instruction platform underwater so that the coral is not trampled by novice divers. To the left is an abandoned resort/house that awaits demoliton and development. There are a lot of divers who come and go, but it is still relatively protected so that there are plenty of fish and the reef remains healthy looking. I will say that there is not a lot of conservation going on. Trash is seen floating in the water. So what little care for the reef that goes on is a good thing to see.



2 thoughts on “Dive Resort

    • I just got a dive computer. It’s to calculate everything but mostly for safety about depth and decompression. But one of the numbers is temperature. If you would believe, it’s around 86 degrees in the water, even at 30 feet. That, is a very warm pool. I have been very happy at that temp.

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