Sands Hotel

This is the other big sandwich place. It has a bar counter to stand and eat. You pay the man at the register at the door and the counterman makes sandwiches. They are really flat bread wraps with loads of mayonnaise a sour pickle and some lettuce filled with chicken or beef. They are too dry. The folks here like the meat lean. I mean so lean there’s no juiciness to the food. To compensate there’s too much mayonnaise.

Oh, Sands Hotel sounds Las Vegas. Back in the ‘70s there was a free flowing atmosphere. There was a pool and bikini clad flight crews stayed here before the religious police had their way. It came in response to the Iranian crackdown on loose morality. I don’t even know if there’s a pool anymore. With the current conservative movement in the US, are we headed down that path? By the way, Farid says that the owner of the Sands Hotel asked about me. I’ve never met him, so how he knows me is anybody’s guess. Try as I might I’m always on the radar screen. The hotel front has this and Benihana’s slightly up the block.


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