Yup, they reach right into the local Middle Eastern neighborhood. I haven’t tried it yet. The menu is about the same as home. And they do the same show? The menu is not inexpensive considering the neighborhood. And it’s not kid friendly. I thought about bringing Farid and his family. But the host made it pretty clear kids were not too welcome. No alcohol, no kids. Everyone can smoke in a restaurant. Fortunately I can sit far enough away to avoid the smoke. As most Americans, I must eat too early. Mostly there are few people there when I passby.


One thought on “Benihana

  1. Thankful we live in CA where smoking is off limits in many places . . . but, go to the beach for some fresh ocean air and there is bound to be a smoker walking right in front of us. I guess the kids can go to McDonald’s. What time do the locals have their evening meal if you are too early?

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