I’m again on to blogging daily life for a while… too much diving. I got a ton of material to catch up on about daily living. So far I’m on foot in 100 degree plus weather. I’ve been avoiding the sunlit hours and marching at dusk or dark. You see lots in the neighborhood. So here is the local (less than 5 minute walk) McD’s. The golden arches are a comfort because home is steps away. I found this out many years ago in Kyoto, Japan. We had been starving for days. The Japanese restaurants all displayed plastic models of the food in their window menu. The problem was that the food never was the same size (smaller) or look as in the window. The best meal was the local McD.

At this point I had not stopped in to the local Jeddah McD. I was determined not to supersize myself. So I had resisted until an evening when I just couldn’t brave the hot walk to the shopping mall. More on the experience later…. Except for the Arabic it looks like home. Oh, and notice that there’s a separate entrance for singles and family. The play area is for family. And it’s a much bigger take out line in the parking lot drive thru.


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