Sandwich Shoppe

If there is a typical eating establishment it is the ‘sandwich shop.’ In America it’s the ‘diner.’ What I never realized is that even though this term is generic, most of the diners in metro New York are Greek owned. To make it more interesting, you could say, green grocers- Korean, newsstands – India, Chinese laundries – Chinese, and so forth. Well, it’s a bit too stereotypical, but you get the idea. So this is pretty typical of where you go to get a quick (and cheap) bite to eat. There are a couple shops in the shopping area near my villa. I say villa. It sounds fancy, vacation-like, upscale… But here, there’s nothing fancy. Pay the man at the cash register who sits next to the door. Hand over your receipt and the counter guy makes up four sandwiches for two people in less time than it takes to blink. Less than ten bucks, McD’s got nothing on the dollar menu meal.


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