Reflection Underwater

Here’s something neat in the reflection of the surface underwater. I hope that this makes sense, because lately Lisa says my descriptive language isn’t too clear. The only thing better is to catch that classic shot where you see the land on the surface and the fish underwater. I’m working on it.


One thought on “Reflection Underwater

  1. “Over-Under” or ‘Split Level Shots”. To make them happen you’ll need a wide angle lens and dome port. Wider the better, you can get good results with a 10mm with a cropped sensor DSLR, or a 15-16mm for full-frame sensor camera. It also doesn’t hurt to have a Graduated Neutral Density filter on your lens to help bring the surface exposure to more on part with the darker underwater scenes.

    Good luck! Drop a line if you have more questions or just like to follow underwater photography tips and suggestions.

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