Goodies is a local store that sells produce and meat. They have a section of prepared foods and salads. There are sit down tables, so that they can cook up kabobs and serve them up hot from the grill. There are gelato selections, an exhaustive variety of flavors…well about 25. All this and It’s $1.25 a scoop. I can’t eat this too much, no matter the bargain. But it’s cold and sooo good.


3 thoughts on “Gelato

  1. I passed Galato … same flavor a few months back there in the posts! Try a new flavor! 🙂 This is as far back as I can go tonight. I enjoyed the hospital and community photos and the diving!

    • George – you have single handedly bumped my stats page. Thanks! Every once in a while there are random spikes and I don’t know who was here. But on this one day, it was all you. Thanks kid. See my long comment on your blog. I’m sure I’m not alone to say that many folks have missed your absence.

      • I don’t get around very fast. I check on my old friends once in awhile and spend some time reading through. That’s actually how I most enjoy doing it. I know we’re expected to visit every post immediately, but I can’t do it that way. I don’t like to click in the reader without visiting either. Thank you for commenting and explaining why there is such a difference in my photo and Leanne’s edited one. That’s very helpful to people! My tremor prohibits much posting these days, I’m afraid. Take care of yourself and don’t blink! 😉

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